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Top 7 Easiest Ways How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat?

How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat? Curling hair is the dream of every girl who has straight hair. Probably if you don’t have any natural curls you are searching method to curl your hair without heat. It is indeed fun to curl hairs. Although there are plenty of ways through which you can curl.

Modern technology has introduced several ways for curling hair, unluckily heat curls cause damage to the hairs. Your hair turns dry and rough after some time. If you love curly hairs and on the other side don’t want to damage your hair then this article will probably feel helpful to you. It is all about how to curl your hair without heat.

Although girls who love to curl their straight boring hair often look for several effective ways to curl their hairs. They have to switch to heating rods or hairdryer methods.

How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat? Is It Effective Or Not?

Curly hair looks beautiful and it is fun to curl hair. Although girls who love to curl their hair end up causing heat damage to their beautiful hairs. People believe that curling hair without heat isn’t as effective as heat curls. This is all mind’s eye. There are several ways to curl hair without heat and they are effective too. The result is amazing and prolongs too. Once you try methods to curl your hair without heat. You will definitely fall in love with these

 How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat Using The French Twist Technique:

hair curl French Twist Technique

This is also a good way to give your hair a curly or wavy look without heat. This method is loved by most of the girls as it gives salon-like waves that look beautiful. In this method, all you have to do is to twist the two sections of your hair over each other, and at the end twist the twisted braid into twisted buns and wrap it. This method requires at least six hours to give perfect curls. After six hours gently untie your hair and detangle them with your fingers. Now you can enjoy the curly look of your hair.

How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat Using Spoolies

Heat Using Spoolies

Spoolies are a type of hair curler that are widely used for curling natural straight hairs. It is an easy way to give heat-free curls to your hairs by simply twisting and wrapping your wet hairs onto the spoolies and giving them an airdry for overnight. This method is simple and allows you to give tight and loose curls as per your need. The longer you leave the spoolies on your hair, you will get tight curls, and for loose curls, you have to cut down the time.

Curl Your Hair Without Heat Using Pins:

Curl Your Hair Without Heat Using Pins

Pin curls is another effective way to curl your hair without using heat treatment. In this method first of all entangle your hair after brushing it and then separately wrap different sections of your hair around your finger and roll around it a few times again. Make sure to create a neat curl in order to give a smoother curl to your hair strands. After rolling the hairs just slip the finger out of the rolled hair and pin the hair all the way up to your scalp. Leave your hair to dry completely and then remove the pins to enjoy the curls.

Curl Your Hair Using Plopping Methods:

Curl Your Hair Using Plopping Methods

The plopping method is a new and unique method that is recently introduced. This method gives natural curls and waves to your beautiful hairs. In this method, all you have to do is to wash your hair with your regular hair products and after that just wrap your hair in a cotton T-shirt and leave it overnight. Untie the shirt in the morning and you will be amazed to see natural curls on your hair. Don’t use a comb, just use your hands and fingers to entangle the hairs and enjoy the curls.

Use The Braid Method To Curl Your Hair:

picture of braid

Braid is one of the oldest methods to give loose waves to your hairs. In this, you just have to braid your hair after moistening it or washing it at night. In the morning just undo the braids and entangle your hair using some smoothing oil on your finger. You can also brush your hair with a wide brush to separate the curls.

How to curl your hair using a headband?

The headband method also gives you typical curls. It makes ring-like curls. In this method, you have to take a stretchy hairband and wear it. the next step is to take the strands of hair and loop them over the headband as many times as it could be given. After completing the procedure, leave it overnight. In the morning undo the loops and comb your hair using your fingertips.

Hair rollers curls:

A hair roller is also an old method that was used to curl hair before the invention of hairdryers and rods. In this method wash your hair and let it dry around 50%. Just divide your hairs into sections and then roll the hair rollers onto your hair, later wrap your hair in a scarf to make it stay together. Leave it for six to eight hours and then remove the hair rollers to enjoy the curls.

French braid curls:

A French braid way curl your hair from the nape of your neck downward and also close to your scalp. You can do one French braid to curl your hair and sometimes two braids can also give the best result.

Although heat treating is the fastest and a good way to curl your hair but it damages your hair. If you are fond of curling your hair then it is best for you to follow heatless techniques to curl your hair. Curling your hair without heat is best for your hair health. Methods and procedures on how to curl your hair without heat are mentioned above. You can follow any procedure or try all to get beautiful curls on your hair. Thanks for Reading!

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