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Top 40 Short Haircuts Styles That Are Perfect For Round Faces

You cannot naysay the fact that short haircuts for round faces look extremely amazing and suit the overall personality as well. Majority of us always show concern for making ourselves beautiful by choosing the latest fashion whether it is about clothes, hairstyle, bags, or shoes.

However, it is important to know that fashion updates do not come for everyone because some styles really look awkward and can prove the wastage of money. Well, the hairstyle is something that should be selected right according to the face cuts as if you have a slim face, you should definitely not go for backcombing.

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Which Are Best Haircut Suits For Round Face Female

In this article, we will tell you that which haircut suits for round face for female, according to research, stylists prefer short hairstyles for round faces because of these styles suit well without even giving a chubby look. Well, there is not a single type of short haircuts. So, when you go for a unique and decent haircut, try to make sure that you choose the most suitable hairstyle right according to your face.

This blog is a big hit for all who want to stay updated pertinent to the haircuts that are common throughout the globe. So, it doesn’t matter how your facial beauty is, you will surely find a suitable haircut for your face from the list of haircuts discussed below:

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1. Faux Hawk!

You may have heard about faux hawk because it is one of the famous short haircuts for round faces. It is also called Fohawk and the best thing is that it is common between both genders. The basic reason for keeping this haircut at the top of the list is that it gives an elongating effect to the round face so you will not feel chubby anymore.

faux hawk haircut girl

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you already have a short haircut, it still works for all. A small quantity of hair gel and a comb would be enough for setting your hair right before going to a party or work. Most of the famous artists have also tried this haircut in their recent movies.

2. Short Bob!

short bob haircut
Instagram @syltoriahair

The short bob haircut is the favorite haircut of famous stylists and gives a pretty natural look. Are you a fan of Hayden Panettiere? Doesn’t she look cute plus sexy at the same time? Well, her short bob haircut is the reason of her immense beauty. If you choose side swept bangs with a short bob, a stunning look will automatically be ensured. The edgy side bangs are preferred for counteracting the roundness and adding the angles.

3. Voluminous Style!

Do you want to feel voluminous hairstyle all the time? Why don’t you go for voluminous style? For this, you won’t have cut most of your hair. It is not very short nor even very long rather it suits well a bit below the neck. During a contest of best short haircuts for round faces, 2019 -2020, the majority of the contestants admire volume in the hair because it adds elegance to the personality.

voluminous hairstyles
Image: pr photos

When oodles of volume fall onto the cheeks, the chubby look automatically hides. Voluminous hairstyles for short hair is best for every which look like a rounded face.

4. Middle Parting Hair!

Middle parting hair is the famous style for giving your face a slim look. When the expert stylist split your hair right from the middle, you can simply set them on both sides by covering a portion of cheeks too.

Middle Parting Hair
INSTAGRAM @ashleyellenhairdesign

5. Curls in the Hair!

If you feel like people with a round face should hide their cheeks with the hair then you must have a look at the example of Adele. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Most of the time, she attends the red carpet with curls in the hair while leaving a ponytail on one shoulder. Well, you should make sure that the make curls below the cheeks because it will help you make the face cuts more prominent.

Curls in the Hair

6. Pixie Hairstyles!

When long layers of pixie come to the forehead, a cute yet influencing look is revealed. The modified pixie hairstyle usually has cropped sides whereas the stacked layers make the back of head quite beautiful. It is preferred for making the face thinner. The multiple silky hair layers on the forehead draw attention from chubbiness rather the check bones become more prominent.

pixie hairstyles for round faces

The best thing is that it doesn’t matter if your hair is heavy or not, the style suits to every person who has a round face. Mostly women like pixie hairstyle for black hair and others like older women. However, keeping the top layer longer is a secret for giving a healthy look to the hair.

7. Mid-Length Hair!

The mid-length suits well to almost all face however making the hair a little wavy while keeping the length normal ultimately gives a slim look. You would love to set your hair within five minutes before leaving for a party. Wouldn’t you? The mid-length hair with waves should definitely be your choice. More on, leaving the Velcro curlers in the hair overnight can also add glossy waves to the hair. It is good for all face sizes and shapes whether it is of a round shape or thin you can see below mid length hairstyles for round faces.

mid length hairstyles

8. Ballerina Buns!

Do you want to stand out of the rest in the upcoming party? Ballerina Buns is perfect for short hair round face and suits to everyone. Wearing maxi and making a bun will never make your face look round because it is actually selected by actresses for a thinner face. It doesn’t look like you have selected too much styling and is easy to make as well. Look below for ballerina buns for short hair.

ballerina buns for short hair

9. Palm Tree Ponies!

Who doesn’t like a palm tree pony? It is quite in trend. However, making the palm tree pony suits to long hair but still, if the hair is of normal size and you want to show off all the makeup, then it is best for you. Moreover, there is no rocket science required for making this type of palm tree pony.

Palm Tree Ponies

10. Curly UPDO Styles!

Do you want to look sassy as well as gorgeous even in the warmer days? Curly Updo is a wonderful choice for those days. Selena Gomes is also using this style and you know how beautiful she looks, you can see below Curly Updo styles.

Curly UPDO styles

11. Natural Waves Hairstyles!

When it comes about best short haircuts for round faces, natural waves are always considered perfect. You need to do nothing except leaving the hair after a wash without combing. The natural waves will automatically start appearing and you’ll look stunning. And this style is also best for short hairstyles for round faces and thin hair that will make you awesome.

Natural Waves hairstyles
Sofia Reyes

12. Pinned Back Waves!

What else can look elegant to a round face except for the simple pinned back waves? Yes, the waves look quite eye-catchy and add elegance to the personality like the Mandy Moore is making her hairstyle these days.

Pinned Back Waves

13. Top Knot Hairstyles!

Top Knot Hairstyles

It has been noticed that top knot suits to round face in an amazing way because:

  • It makes the cheekbones more prominent
  • It is effortless to make
  • The round face doesn’t look chubby with this hairstyle
  • Gives a healthy look to hair
  • Adds volume
  • Perfect for casual routine as well as parties

14. Medium-Length Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair!

The medium-length bob is for all ladies who want a great style with the medium length of hair. It makes your face look thinner and doesn’t show off the round chubby cheeks. Majority of the girls with round shape prefer this bob style because it ensures a younger look as well. Besides, if your routine is tough and still, you do not want to compromise on your look, this bob hairstyle should be on your fingertips.

Medium Length Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

15. Center-Part Haircut!

Who doesn’t love Aishwarya Raye? She always shines in the limelight and most of the time she arrives in the parties with center-part that actually suits her a lot. Aishwaraya’s face is also not very slim so it means this hairstyle is perfect for those who have a bit round face. Well, it can suit slim faces as well because it adds grace to the personality.

center part haircut
Eva Longoria

16. Bold Bangs!

Bold bangs on the forehead ultimately accentuate the beauty and look really sassy especially if you are going to wear a long coat or maxi. Well, if you make sure to straighten these bands with the straightener, the overall look will become more stylish. The bold bangs give a quite natural look to people with a round face.

bold bangs
Image: FayesVision:

17. Pink Bangs Covering the Half Side!

The bangs can be set on one side of the face by straightening the layers downwards. Dye the bangs with pink colour gives a different look and suits the white complexion. More on, when the bangs cover one side of the face, the cheekbones and let you show off the bright side of your face. The same style can suit if you are a rock star and want to get ready for the upcoming concert. These days, most of the female artists seem quite fond of this hairstyle.

Pink Bangs Covering the Half Side

18. Balayage Bob!

The blonde balayage bob is one of the favorite haircuts of artists. There is no doubt that when you go to choose the best short haircuts for round faces, all the professional stylists vote for the bob cut because it doesn’t make you feel odd. Do you know that applying a contrasting shade on the hair while having a balayage bob won’t let the round face look rounder? Yes, this the reason that all ladies with round face make sure to have balayage bob at least once.

Balayage Bob

19. Loose Half Pony!

The sleek but relaxing hairstyle always proves best for the ones who cannot spend hours making their hairstyle. Keeping a center line while making the loose half pony gives a thinner look and you can easily move your head as well. Girls who need to attend sport festival should definitely go for the loose half pony because it makes you look stunning too.

gif hair

Loose Half Pony

20. Mussed-Up!

When you choose to add volume in the hair, mussed-up should be in your list. It is included in the best short haircuts for round faces 2019-2020. Light hair is not an issue when you choose mussed-up because it lets you adjust the hair by adding volume. In the start of 2019, this hairstyle was displayed on the front page of famous fashion magazines too.

The Kate Upton’s sassy look is also due to mussed-up Leaving the front hair in a bit curly shape while backcombing rest of the hair is the right way to make this hairstyle.

Source: Getty Images

21. Lovely Layers!

Renew the traditional style with lovely layers that add elegance too. The round face doesn’t look odd with this hairstyle rather you get a very stylish look. For lovely layers, you need to do nothing except curling the endpoints of the hair if you have very silky hair. However, if you already have bit wavy hair, leaving them in the original shape will look great too. Meanwhile, the sideline can also add a more stylish touch.

Lovely Layers
Instagram @manemisfit

22. Headbands Short Hair!

The headband short hair doesn’t suit everyone but for round faces, it is not less than a treat. If you have selected short hair for round faces, putting a headband will make you look even beautiful.

It looks cute and if you want to look younger than your actual age, the headband should be your priority. Moreover, the best thing is that you can choose the hair band matching with your dress for a more stunning touch. The headbands are not a very expense but a suit to round faces.

Headbands Short Hair
Getty Images

23. Straight and Silky!

Straight and smooth hair look sassy and with this hairstyle, you can surely give a tough competition in the parties or wedding functions. It won’t require you to go to a salon because all you’ll need to do is straighten the hair while being in the house. The smooth silky hair suit to all personalities and to all girls with short height as well. Besides, the dressing also doesn’t matter because whether you wear a long fancy dress or casual jeans with top, the hairstyle is a perfect choice for all.

Straight and Silky
Instagram @frankiewhitemanhair

24. Side Part Haircut!

The side part of the hair can be adjusted in an amazing way. Taking all your hair and keeping them on one side is a trend that never disappoints. It is not necessary that you always prefer short hair for round faces because adjusting the hair on the side is basically for all types of faces whether slim or round. The elegance you can get through this hairstyle is not possible with other styles.

Side Part Haircut
Image: Kim Myers Robertson

25. Low Chignon!

Did you check the recent pictures of Queen Latifah with the low bun on her head? It basically gives a lengthy look to the face and if you pose with a bit tilt face, the bun looks stunning. Are you wondering how to make it? There is no rocket science as first of all, make a pony and then give it a bun-like shape and you are all set to attend a lavish party.

Low Chignon

26. Braids Hairstyle For Cute Girls!

For all who are in search of some amazing short hairstyles for round faces, braids can end up their search. Messing up with your hair sometimes proves fun and can add elegance too.

braids hairstyles for girls
Instagram @shahar_yosub
  • Braids on the front give a cute look
  • Braid is easy to make at home
  • No need to go to the salon
  • The hairstyle with braids is selected for giving a slim look to the face

27. Pony on the Shoulder!

Pony on the shoulder is for the ones who have long hair. Well, this type of pony should be made by girls who have a round face because it is one of the simplest hairstyles. When Amber Tamblyn puts her pony on the shoulder, she really looks stunning and innocent as well.

Pony on the Shoulder

28. Barbie Doll Hairstyle!

The Barbie doll hairstyle is quite famous among teenage girls who want to give a thin look to their round face. Making tamed curls is the key to make this hairstyle however it takes a bit long time for a sleek look. So, choosing this hairstyle for your face simply add flattering angles.

Barbie Doll Hairstyle
Image: stylesatlife

29. Textured Bob Haircut!

Textured bob is undoubtedly an amazing short haircut for round faces. Its uniqueness lies in the curls that are set near the ending point of hair. Emma Stone follows this hairstyle quite often and everybody knows how gorgeous she looks.

textured bob haircut

30. Side Braid Short Hair!

Are you done with the hairstyle for which you can’t tie the hair? Well, making a side braid is definitely one of the best hairstyles for all girls who want to tie their hair while being in office or college.

Side Braid Short Hair
Instagram @alex_haircraft

31. Pixie Haircut with Really Short Bangs!

It is a fact that pixie is a favorite of many. However, the girls who want to have a real shortcut, short bangs with pixie should be selected. The best thing is that you will not need to set the hair as even if you wake up in the morning, you can simply go to the office without even bothering to set the hair.

Pixie Haircut with Really Short Bangs

32. The Severe Undercut!

Do you want the right amount of punk with something bold? The sever undercut is the right choice. For more detail, you can look at Kelly Osbourne’s hairstyle that she is currently wearing.

The Severe Undercut

33. Platinum Bob Haircuts!

The platinum bob gives perfect balance to your look by simply overlooking the chubbiness. For this hairstyle, you have to sweep most of the hair on side of the head while making the waves as well. The platinum bob is quite simple and easy to adjust for short hair round face. Well, artists use this hairstyle as they consider that it gives a bossy look.

Platinum Bob Haircuts

34. Hippy Loose Waves!

Do you have naturally wavy hair? Why don’t you embrace it? The hippy loose waves are perfect for daily routine. Drew Barrymore also comes into the limelight while wearing this style that actually suits her a lot. Well, if you do not have naturally wavy hair, creating some waves near and below the chin is a great idea. Well, such types of waves suit well with short hairstyles for round faces. It is easy yet influencing.

Hippy Loose Waves
Image: Getty

35. Close-Cropped Haircut Female Style!

The close-cropped style somehow seems daunting for a few people but you can take inspiration from Renee Zellweger who looks stunning in this style. The overall width of the face can be reduced by choosing the close-cropped style because it is one of the best short haircuts for round faces 2019-2020. Besides, the slimmer look with this hairstyle is also guaranteed.

Close-Cropped Haircut Female Style
Image: Getty

36. Silver Pixie Hair Cut!

Get a silver pixie and brush your bangs up for a stunning look. Silver colors look amazing to all short hairstyles for round faces. Well, the round shape doesn’t give a bubbly touch because the pixie with upswept bangs adds length to the face.

Silver Pixie Hair Cut
Instagram @rebeccataylorhair

37. Choppy Pixie Haircut!

The choppy pixie is a bit different from all short hairstyles for round faces. For this, the professional stylists make several chops in the hair and put the bangs in different directions. With this hairstyle, you can balance the round shape in an efficient way.

Choppy Pixie Haircut
Image: hairstylecamp

38. Textured Ends Haircut!

The textured ends haircut are famous for giving an elegant look. Most of the time, this hairstyle is followed by ladies above 30 who do not compromise anything other than elegance. The wavy blonde with such ends gives your personality the most-needed touch.

Textured Ends Haircut

39. Red Razored Pixie Undercut!

It is a style for rock stars. The red colored pixie haircut is not common only among girls but some boys also go for it. The bangs get all the attention and the round shape is overlooked. The undercut style suits to a few people. Singers prefer this hairstyle while doing a photo shoot.

Red Razored Pixie Undercut

40. Emo Haircuts For Short Hair

Emo Haircuts For Short Hair

Do you have healthy hair? If so then the emo cut is definitely for you. It is short and sleek. All the girls who want to change their look with an amazing haircut should definitely go for this type of haircut. Priyanka Chopra who recently married to Nick Jones also has used this haircut in one of her famous movies.

The above 40 best short haircuts for round faces can be tried by anyone who is obsessed with fashion and wants a stylish look.

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