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Dear Readers, we at Style It Fit welcome you to write for us and submit guest posts on your favorite topics that intrigue and educate the readers. Styleitfit.com is an online community where you can get information on global fashion and fitness trends, beauty and makeup hacks, holistic wellness and health guide, food and nutrition tips, and entertainment and celebrity news.

We are looking for talented and passionate writers to create content for our platform. However, before you shoot a pitch and get fascinated to write for us, we recommend that you carefully read our detailed guide on writing the guest post.

Write For Us- Celebrity, Fashion, Fitness, Wellness, Health, and Entertainment Topics

Please remember that we accept posts only on related topics, precisely regarding fashion, fitness, health, wellness, entertainment, celebrity, and food. Yes, these are topics that interest most people in general.

Guest Post Guidelines

Here is the guideline that will help you write for us and get your views and thoughts published on our blog.

  1. Length of the Article

You need to write a minimum of an 800-words article that is well-researched and informative. However, an ideal length of an article is around 1200 words since it will help to keep the readers engaged. Make sure you follow the first requirement to write a guest post for us.

  1. Topics

You can write the following content for us:

  • Fashion & Fitness: Clothing, Bags, Accessories, Handbags, Outfit ideas, Product Reviews, and Fitness tips
  • Health & Wellness: Diet tips, Home remedies, Health conditions, Weight loss & weight gain, Healthy food, etc.
  • Celebrity & Entertainment: Celebrity gossip, Movie reviews, Latest showbiz news, Net worth detail, etc.
  • Food & Nutrition: Recipes, Healthy Living, Nutrition guide for different diseases, and Different diets detail.

At the moment, we are sticking only to the above-mentioned topics. If you are interested in any of these topics, you are more than welcome to join us!

  1. Source

We strongly advise you to put the source of quotes, images, and even statistics used in your article. It will make your content worthy and reliable. Also, it is better if you use original photos and, even if you use other’s images, properly mention source links.

  1. Make Your Content is Friendly and Real

You must focus on providing quality and valuable information to the readers, so keep your target audience in mind when writing. Avoid stuffing your articles with keywords as you are writing for real people and not for search engines. We will accept only those articles that are engaging enough and is well-researched.

  1. Format

We, at Style It Fit, follow a certain format, and we will be glad if you also follow the same. Here are some formatting guidelines to follow when you write for us:

  • Use a conversational and friendly tone throughout the article.
  • Include H2 and H3 title tags to keep a proper flow of the content.
  • Keep your paragraphs restricted to 3 sentences each
  • Listicle articles and content that answer frequently asked questions are loved by the audience
  1. Links and Selling Stuff

We allow one or two outbound links that are relevant to the theme of the blog. However, make sure that you do not advertise commercial sites or products in your guest post as it comes under a different section. If you want to publish sponsored post, kindly mention “Sponsored post or Advertisement post” in your subject line.

  1. Plagiarism

It is one of the most important requirements that you must follow when writing for us; all the words you choose must be your own. Your content must not be copied from other websites and should be entirely original. We check the articles on the Copyscape premium version and will not publish any article that has plagiarized content in it.

How To Submit Guest Post

It is recommended to submit the articles in Word Document instead of pdf format to our email address. Before sending a complete article, you can share your ideas and thoughts about what you want to write for us. Clearly mention the purpose of writing an email in the subject line, e.g., Guest post or Sponsored Post. We will respond to your email if it fulfills the criteria mentioned above. Grab this opportunity of publishing your thoughts in front of the world!

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