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7 Techniques to Casually Style a Blazer

A blazer is an essential jacket that exudes effortless sophistication and timeless elegance. Yet there are plenty of ways to wear a blazer where style meets comfort and casual can blend in with chic. It’s versatile enough that you can wear them with cute heels or comfortable flats. If you’re looking for a way to elevate your everyday fashion game while staying relaxed, get ready to transform your wardrobe one blazer at a time. We have a list of seven techniques to casually style a blazer, so let’s get started.

  1. Pair It With Jeans — Few combinations are as classic as pairing a blazer with jeans. It’s an effortless way to bridge the gap between smart and casual. Begin with a well-fitted blazer that complements your personal style, and then wear it with distressed or dark-wash jeans for a balanced look. Use a chic blouse or a simple white T-shirt as your base. To make it an even more relaxed look, just roll up your blazer sleeves. Complete the look with casual footwear like ankle boots or sneakers. This look is ideal for plenty of occasions while offering both sophistication and comfort.
  2. Wear Casual Footwear — Instead of wearing stilettos with a blazer, tone it down by pairing your blazer with cute flats. Wearing flats or even sneakers or boots creates several diverse style expressions. Sneakers give off a sporty, relaxed look. High tops add a modern edge, while classic white sneaks have timeless appeal. Ankle boots go great with skinny jeans. Ballet flats and loafers infuse a hint of femininity and comfort with your blazer. If you’re looking for something more polished, try pointed-toe flats.
  3. Layer with a T-Shirt — Fashion experts share that one of the easiest ways to dress down a blazer is to pair it with a T-shirt. Try a bright statement blazer mixed with a ribbed, plain white T-shirt and denim jeans. Overall, pairing a blazer with a shirt is a relaxed way to put together a neat ensemble. Start with a well-tailored blazer made from a casual fabric like linen or cotton, and then pair it with a plain or graphic tee, depending on your style preference. A pair of jeans or chinos can help maintain the casual theme as you complete the look with loafers or sneakers. This look is ideal for casual outings, your next night out or even a semi-formal event with a laid-back twist.
  4. Add a Statement Belt — If you’re planning to wear a blazer with a dress, you can add to the blazer’s casual charm by accessorizing with a statement belt. Wear a loose midi or maxi dress and pair it with a well-fitted blazer. Get a wide, eye-catching belt with a bold buckle as its centerpiece, and cinch the blazer to create a defined silhouette. It’s the perfect look for a brunch with your girlfriends or a contemporary outfit for the office.
  5. Roll Up the Sleeves — Instead of using cufflinks with your blazer, roll up your sleeves. It’s a simple yet effective way to infuse a casual vibe into your outfit. This technique takes a traditionally formal garment and turns it into a more approachable piece. The trick is to use a blazer that is well-fitted but not overly structured. Gently push up or fold the sleeves to reveal a bit of your wrists and forearms. It softens the appearance of your outfit and shows you’re nonchalant about your style. For the fashionista who doesn’t want to try too hard, this is the way. It’s an ideal choice for informal get-togethers.
  6. Mix It with Shorts — Shorts and a blazer look great with comfortable booties for women like ankle booties. The shorts and blazer pairing act as a refreshing twist on casual fashion while blending comfort and sophistication for a unique style statement. To style this look, start with a tailored blazer in a lightweight fabric for a more relaxed feel. Pair the blazer with tailored shorts in a complementary hue or matching color of your blazer. Finish off the look with playful espadrilles or fashion sneakers for a laid-back touch. It’s a great look for warm weather days and leisurely afternoons.
  7. Accessorize Casually — Wearing casual accessories with your blazer can help dress down a more formal piece. It could be as simple as more casual footwear or even little details like a baseball cap or soft velvet scrunchie in your hair. This is a great opportunity to experiment with bolder statement pieces like earrings in a fun color or oversized sunnies.

While blazers are synonymous with more formal occasions, it’s an underrated piece that holds so much potential for everyday wear. Pair it with cute athletic shoes if you’re looking for a dressier athleisure outfit. Wear a blazer when you’re meeting friends for brunch or going on a date. It doesn’t just have to be when you’re going to the office or attending cocktail hour. By using any of these fashion-forward ideas, you’ll be rocking your blazer with laid-back ease in no time.

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