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What To Serve With Scallops Best Idea (Top 25 Side Dishes)

The restaurant owners usually strive to know what to serve with scallops. Well, the majority of foodies like scallops a lot. The dish is amazing in taste and is not easy to resist. It is served in almost all Chinese and Italian restaurants throughout the globe and people crave for it while ordering seafood. This delicious dish is not very difficult to make however the expert chefs prefer best side dishes for scallops. When it is served with some veggies or sauces, the taste becomes double and it helps for overall garnishing as well.

There is no doubt that seafood contains a lot of vitamins and proteins so one should definitely add seafood in the diet. The scallop is a special seafood dish and if you are suggested to add vitamin B12 in your diet, the scallop is the best option. Scallop basically includes 102% of B12 however the quantity of Iodine, selenium, protein, zinc, and phosphorus is also quite high in it.

In short, a person can obtain health benefits in a good quantity by simply eating scallop. Now, coming to the point that all restaurant owners want to know. Yes, in this blog, you’ll learn about the side dishes for scallops so make sure that you read the complete blog.

What To Serve With Scallops Best Idea

1. Shrimp and Scallops

The combo of shrimp and scallops is too good. If you get the right pan for flawless grilling, both items will give a double taste. This combination is served almost in all restaurants and people because it is one of the most-served dishes. Well, people try it at home too but some expert cooking skills are needed for it. Shrimp is the best side dish for scallops and its taste is really beyond the imagination.

Although foodies fall for prawns too however the combination of shrimp and scallops is more valued and is more demanded in restaurants. Besides, when you decide to make this mouth-watering dish, try to use ceramic pans because in that case, scallops won’t stick to the pan even at high temperatures.

Shrimp and Scallops


2. Roasted Potatoes with Scallops and Radicchio

Potato is a vegetable that is equally loved by everyone. However, the roasted and fried potatoes are even like more. When roasted potatoes are served with scallops and radicchio, the overall taste becomes so hard to resist. The bursts of flavors can be tasted with the combination of these three things. Well, vinegar is vital to add for making the scallops more tender. So, when you choose sauces for scallops, you shouldn’t miss vinegar at all. Roasted potato is considered as the best scallop side dish to all who love potatoes in their diet plan.

Roasted Potatoes with Scallops and Radicchio

3. Scallops with Spiced Pomegranate

A bit sour taste of pomegranate adds uniqueness to scallops and if you add some leaves of spinach, the complete combination will surely become too good. According to a survey, foodies usually love to order pomegranate with scallops and that is why it is included in the menu of famous restaurants. So if you are wondering what to serve with scallops, bring pomegranate for making an irresistible combo. Meanwhile, spices are also necessary to add.

Scallops with Spiced Pomegranate

4. Brussel Sprouts

The Brussel sprouts can help you serve a great taste to all who love scallops. However, the lemon sauce is also mandatory for giving a bit tender taste to the scallops. Brussel sprouts make a combo with so many dishes but among all seafood items, it is proved one of the best side dishes for scallops. More on, the lemon sauce is usually served with most of the seafood especially if you love to add a sour touch to the food.

Brussel Sprouts

5. Bacon and Garlic with Scallops

The garlic and finely chopped onion pieces add flavor to scallops. However, if the spinach salutes is also added, your customers will surely love to visit your restaurant every time craving. Among all the sides for scallops, bacon can be used with a combination of veggies too. The best thing is that when you choose bacon as a side dish, it takes around 30 minutes only.

Bacon and Garlic with Scallops

6. Fruity Salsa as a Starter

The majority of the chefs get stuck for what to serve with scallops especially when it comes about the starter. Well, Pineapple and Mango avocado can really prove perfect to serve as starters. Such a fresh juicy appetizer makes a combination with scallops and the whole dish can be served within ten minutes maximum. You can serve scallops with small slices of baguette as well.

Fruity Salsa as a Starter

7. Egg Fried Rice

Nothing can prove as the best combo when you choose to serve scallops with egg-fried rice. The rice is easy to make and you can serve both items as one dish whereas some restaurants charge separately as well. The scallops should be dipped in vinegar and other essential sauces as well because it can double the taste of rice too. Rice is a commonly served scallop side dish and people like it a lot. Adding a few boiled and chopped veggies to the whole meal is liked even more.

Egg Fried Rice

8. Aromatic Rice

The side dishes for scallops are served according to the priorities of customers in restaurants. The Aromatic rice is also one of the exotic dishes that make a good combo with scallops. It takes twenty minutes to prepare both dishes. However, if you prefer making the stuff for aromatic rice on a prior basis, the time will be reduced to fifteen minutes.

Aromatic Rice

9. Mashed Potatoes with Scallops

The potatoes should be boiled and then mashed for serving as a scallop side dish. These mashed potatoes are baked well with spices for making a combination with grilled scallops. It is very simple to make and is not expensive as well. The shrimps and prawns can increase the bill so customers should also go for this combo if they want to choose some cost-saving option.

10. Lemon Caper Pasta!

The lemon caper pasta is made for making a combination with several dishes. The lemon is good to apply on scallops as well. So, you can use the same lemon ingredients for both dishes and if the extra pan is not available, the same pan can be used for scallops without even washing. The lemon caper pasta is good to serve with scallops however it is important to set the right quantity for serving as per the number of persons.

11. Butter Polenta

The butter polenta is a perfect alternative to shrimps and grits. When the nutty polenta is served with a delicious buttery topping, the scallops become hard to resist. Well, it will be good if you let the polenta be cooked over low flame because in this case, it will be of more taste.

12. Prawns and Scallops

The prawns are a favorite of many. There is no doubt that seafood is a perfect source of proteins. Prawns add more taste to scallops because both items have a unique taste. So, if you crave for seafood, you should surely prefer side dishes for scallops like prawns and shrimps. When prawns are deep-fried and served with baked scallops, the taste reaches its peak.

13. Mixed Veggies with Scallops

When finely chopped carrots, capsicum, and onions are lightly fried in a very small quantity of oil, they become perfect to be served with scallops. Black pepper, vinegar, and hot sauce add more taste not to scallops only but to veggies as well. Both items can be served as a main course. Veggies are served as a complimentary dish. Well, it can be made at home even if you do not have baking ovens at your place because it is simple to cook and does not require exceptional ingredients.

14. Corn Succotash Salad

The salad gives a right kick to this seafood. The corn succotash salad is the favorite of many and when people get served with scallops and salad at the same time, the joy is real. So whenever it comes what to serve with scallops, you can surely mark corn salad.

Corn Succotash Salad

15. Curry Couscous with Scallops

Do you love spices? The curry couscous makes an irresistible combination and enhances the taste of scallops as well. Having some extra curry sauce means you’ll eat scallops without bothering about your calories.

16. Dry Pasta

The dry pasta is perfect to serve with the scallops that are cooked in immense sauces. The sausages basically give a mouth-watering taste to scallops and the pasta is also an amazing scallop side dish. So, you can simply serve both items.

17. Mozzarella Creamy Pasta and Scallops

The creamy pasta is delicious enough to tantalize the taste buds and the scallop is a right dish to have with the mouth-watering pasta. The complete main course is full of flavors and the basil and sundried tomatoes can also be served as the side menu.

18. Tuscan Beans with Scallop

You may not have ever thought about warm beans as a combo of scallops. However, when it comes to Mediterranean flavors, both items are good to eat at as complementary dishes. More on, if the grilled garlic bread is dipped in rich sauce and is served with beans, the dish can become one of your favorite items.

19. Lentil Salad

Lentils give a tantalizing taste when these are added in the warm salad. It is not necessary that you use French lentils only as any lentil is good to add. It is one of the famous side dishes for scallops and is served worldwide.

Serve With Scallops
Image: tenor

20. Soba Noodles with Soy Citrus

Soba noodles are quick to make and when you get urgent orders, the soy citrus soba noodles can be served as the scallop side dish. The perfect quantity of sweet and sour sauces add the right taste to the dish. The golden crust can be marinated before baking.

21. Tomato Parmesan Bisque

The main course with scallops shouldn’t be ordinary. Soup is really an amazing idea to be combined with scallops for making a whole one dish. The oil should be soaked from sun-dried tomatoes so the calories conscious people would also be able to eat freely.

Tomato Parmesan Bisque

22. Pine Nuts and Raisins

The pine nuts and raisins are also one of the most-served sides for scallops and if the cauliflower puree is also added, a great combo will be obtained. The fancy toppings can prove really tantalizing and if will not be easy for you to resist such good taste.

23. Broccoli Florets

The roasted broccoli florets are easy to cook while you grill the scallops. So if you are going to add grilled scallop in your menu, try to add roasted broccoli as the side dish. The ingredients required for the above items are easily available in the grocery stores so extra efforts are not required.

24. Creamed Corn Puree with Scallop

The creamy corn puree is somehow tricky to make but is really a delicious option for the scallop. The creamed corns are a favorite of seafood lovers. Well, the corn shouldn’t be over the puree and the texture of scallop is also important to consider. The right amount of oil is necessary to ponder so the grilled scallops do not become over oily.

Creamed Corn Puree with Scallop

25. Creamy Parsnip Puree

Are you striving to serve the best starter with seared scallops? What about creamy parsnip puree? Yes, it can prove one the delicious appetizers and can add a unique taste to scallop as well. A large portion of parsnip puree with scallop can give you the right amount of vitamins and proteins for your dinner. The milk mellows add more flavor to puree whereas you’ll have to spend approximately 25 minutes for cooking and garnishing both items.

In short, the above 25 side dishes for scallops prove undoubtedly good to serve with scallop. However, you can serve the same things with other seafood items like shrimps and prawns as well.

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