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How to increase hair volume? Best Method

Put aside your skin issues & let’s talk about How to increase hair volume? You all people may have been talking about your skincare routine for years, and in all this hair care routine is being overlooked, which is not a good thing. Despite busy schedules, we don’t get much time to pay proper attention in all such things but let me tell you this is important for all of us to look into this matter. Who doesn’t like healthy & long hair? Obviously, this is a wish of everyone but who works hard, gets the result.

How To Increase Hair Volume Detail Guide

In this blog, we are going to let you know this is not a difficult task to achieve, and everyone can do this with great care and proper attention. All you have to do is to take out some time from your routine and ponder what else we can do for “How to increase hair volume?” have you ever consult any dermatologist or hairstylist to get to know about the best hair do’s & don’ts for hair? If you haven’t done this before, then don’t waste time and go to a hair specialist to discuss what special things you all need to do for hair so everyone can fall in love with them.

We all want you to know some of the pro tips for hair and the primary approach that you people need to know and achieve this by adding this into your routine. It is going to help you all either male or female. Let’s have a look and find an answer of the most searched query “How to increase hair volume?” do let us know was it worthwhile to read or not? Which tip was the easiest for you?

Add greens to your diet.

Let’s talk about the basic thing that we all can start from today, and that is adding green essentials to diet. You must be thinking, why do we people need to do this? Well, eating green is beneficial because it is high in iron, zinc, and other nutrients. Make sure you have already added spinach, beans & chard in your daily routine. Biotin, Zinc & other nutrients are good for strengthening hair. The leafy vegetable is always given a priority, especially when it comes to healthy hair. Don’t skip high protein meals such as chicken, eggs, red meat & low-fat dairy products.

Scalp Massage

Blood circulation is important, and if we want to have nourished hair, then we need to pay attention to scalp massage for finding out the answer to your common question how to increase hair volume? It increases the blood circulation. You can apply any oil or serum before getting started with massage and leave it there for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off

Shampoo Selection

We all have been investing a huge amount to unusual products that are not suitable for us in any way. Shampoo selection is essential because we can’t achieve our goal of having long & shiny hair without the right shampoo. First you people need to determine either you have dry or oily hair then select shampoo according to that. Hair specialist doesn’t suggest you, people, to use shampoo frequently in dry hair because it will damage the hair.

Use High-quality conditioner

Have you ever got panic for how to increase hair volume? Searching the best conditioners are another thing that will take some time. Conditioners will not only nourish your hair, but it makes hair sleek & shiny. It never causes the reason of build-ups. Volume boosting shampoo & conditioners untangle hair and make it soft. Select the right conditioner of good company.

Avoid Hairstyling

Bleaching & hair perming products are made up of harsh chemicals, which is not suitable for hair health. It will damage the hair and give you thinning & dry hair. Make sure whenever you go for hair styling don’t go for high ponytails that damage the roots and affect follicles. Heavy hairstyle requires harsh products to set, but simple hairstyle requires few products.

Natural Oil treatments

There are numerous natural oils which are suitable for hair health. Take any oil, either olive, coconut & canola. Just heat up on the low flame. It shouldn’t be too hot. Massage this gently on your scalp. Wear a shower cap and leave it for an hour at least and then shampoo. It will strengthen your hair and give a soft and shiny touch.

Natural remedies for “How to increase hair volume?”

In this section, we are going to discuss the most common natural remedies that are used for increasing the hair volume in men & women both. Take a look at following part and do let us know which one is you people going to try for controlling unusual hair loss.

Onion Juice

  1. Take a 1 onion and blend it.
  2. Strain the mixture
  3. Apply the juice to the scalp and leave it for half an hour
  4. Wash it off with water


  1. Take a ripe avocado & smash it
  2. Add one teaspoon of olive oil & smashed the banana
  3. Mix it & apply it over your hair
  4. Leave it for 30-60 minutes
  5. Wash it off & see the difference

Green Tea

  1. Take 1 green tea bag & put it in a hot water
  2. Give it a few boils for 5-10 minutes
  3. Strain it & let it cool for a while
  4. Pour this water mixture on scalp and massage gently
  5. Leave it for an hour
  6. Wash it off with cold water

Egg Yolk mask

  1. Take an egg yolk & whisk it properly
  2. Apply it on the scalp and massage gently
  3. Leave it for 30 minutes
  4. Wash it off with your favorite shampoo


  1. Take few leaves of the henna
  2. Blend it warm water to form a thick paste
  3. Apply henna paste to scalp & throughout the length of hair
  4. Leave it for an hour
  5. Rinse it off with water

Don’t Skip Vitamin C.

How to increase hair volume Is the biggest thing that every second person is searching over the internet? Various tips and tricks available for this and among of all these we can’t overlook Vitamin C because it improves hair volume. Include Vitamin C in your hair care routine. It will grow hair density. Eat those food items which are rich in vitamin C to strengthen hair roots. We suggest you eat fruits which is rich in Vitamin C just like oranges, kiwi & lemon.

Trim hair regularly

Have you seen the dried edges of your hair? It doesn’t let the hair grow so for boosting hair growth we need to trim our hair regularly. It doesn’t mean that you people have to go to your stylist after 2-3 weeks. Just visit the hair specialist 3-4 times per year. All you need to do is to shorten your hair by half of an inch maximum. It helps to eliminate damaged ends to make your hair look healthier.

Water intake

Among all of the tips & tricks, we shouldn’t ignore the importance of water in our daily life for skin and hair related issues. Water intake should be proper or suggested as per 8 glass in a day. It leaves positive effects on our body and returns shiny hair. Improves the scalp health for faster hair growth. Mostly hair damage starts with dehydration and causes the reason for splitting & damaging. Don’t skip this at any cost. Trust me you people will find the answer of your most searched query how to increase hair volume?

Use Anti-dandruff products

Well, this one has been seen that dandruff is the main thing that doesn’t let the hair grow. First, we have to get rid of dandruff for how to increase the hair volume? Various anti-dandruff products are available nowadays in the market, so use them today and follow the necessary precautions that won’t let you have the capacity in your hair.

Hair Spa treatments

We know you all have a busy routine and will be difficult for you to take time for the spa, but little bit effort gives you a great look. Do you people know how much hair care is essential? Choose a perfect spa and take one of the best hair treatments for hair nourishment. They will give you the ideal hair treatments to provide a new life to hair.

We have tried our best to give all the suggestions which are closest to nature. What you people need to do and what should be avoided the need to read carefully because a little bit of mistake can damage your hair. Do let us know what you people find useful for your hair health and what extra remedy or tips you want to share with us.

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