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Top 20 Famous Celebrity Hair Transplants Before And After

Celebrity hair transplants: Are you curious to know the celebrities who have a hair transplant? Well, it is not about women only but the looks of men also count a lot. Celebrity hair transplants have become quite common because no one wants to look older than the original age. The male stars are also conscious about their looks especially the ones who want to get the role of heroin in all their movies or dramas.

However, what is the basic reason for hair transplants? It has been reported that men become the victim of hair loss more than women and everybody knows that recovering from hair loss is quite tough for persons who live a busy life. A protein treatment is good to go but it works for a short period of time only.

There can be many reasons for hair loss however as some people receive it genetically while others become the victim due to improper nourishment of hair. Just like skin, the hair also requires oiling and certain treatment for proper growth. Meanwhile, a healthy diet is quite necessary for all who do want a speedy growth of hair.

Celebrity Hair Transplants Picture

Do you know celebrities take more interest in hair transplants? Celebrity hair transplants are quite famous because stars show more interest in it. Well, we are here with the list of stars that recently had hair transplants:

  • Steve Carell
  • Jeremy Piven
  • Billy Bob Thornton
  • Jon Cryer
  • Mel Gibson

The list doesn’t stop here because there are several other actors and sportspersons too. But let us tell you the main reason for hair loss so the people who are suffering through this situation can overcome the flaw in a better way:

  • Improper Diet
  • Excessive Straightening
  • Dye
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Improper sleeping habit

So, if you are suffering hair loss, it is important to make your diet routine better by adding the necessary nutrients, proteins, and vitamins in the diet. Meanwhile, it can prove good if you quit the intake of drugs or excessive alcohol. Understanding the above-mentioned reasons can help you towards better growth of hair.

Here Are Famous Celebrity Hair Transplants Pictures Before And After

There are people who believe that the hair transplant or plastic surgery news about actors is nothing but the media stunt only. Well, the pictures are usually shown for the satisfaction of such people who find it hard to believe the news. We usually collect such types of pictures with great effort to deliver you guys the actual facts.

Hair Transplant

The celebrity hair transplant before and after photos clearly reveal the reality that hair transplant can suit to people if they bother to make it happen by expert persons. So, let us take you towards the journey of pictures which is surprising yet interesting at the same as we feel that the fan base has the right to know about celebrities.

Do you take hair transplant as a flaw? Well, it is important for people to not criticize a celebrity if he or she goes under such type of thing. There is nothing bad in it. One owns the right of doing various things for making himself beautiful and so such acts should not be considered as a sign of flaw. The actual thing is soul as if you own a beautiful soul; the outer appeal won’t matter a lot. Here, top 20 celebrity hair transplants are mentioned which have made them younger even at the age of above fifty.

1. Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones is the favorite celebrity of most of US residents. He is an old man now however his elegant personality still makes him prominent among a group of people. His old pictures show baldness on his head however back in 2013, he got silky hair on his head. He accepts the news regarding hair transplants and he is a firm believer that personal looks should not be judged. In short, there is a clear difference in his look after the hair transplant and his fan list is also increasing.

Tommy Lee Jones
Getty Images

2. Louis Walsh

I am a huge fan of Louis Walsh and I am glad that he had a hair transplant. His smiley face and cute looks always inspire me. Well, he said that “I got several messages about thickened hairstyle and my fans suggested me the hair transplant” He is quite happy that his fans actually care about him. He accepted the fact about his thickened hair and got the transplant for making himself up to date. The 2010 and 2013 pictures are clearly different and his transplant news also went viral during that time but still, he has maintained the looks.

Louis Walsh hair transplant

3. Calum Best

Oh, the old man who looks so young! Yes, I am talking about Calum Best who has gotten the hair transplant in the past year. His 20018 and 2013 pictures are not only different but reveal the importance of hair transplant as well. The unique smile of Calum looks even cuter after he got the transplant and just like women, men can also do various things for maintaining their beauty.

calum best

4. Steve Carell

At the beginning of 2007, Steve got worried about his bald forehead which made him look a bit odd. The hair from the front was no more. Steve did not stop himself from being active in showbiz and other social tasks. However, in the year of 2011, he went for a hair transplant, and now, he looks completely different. The front of the head is not empty now and his personality is also quite impressive.

Steve Carell
Getty Images

5. Enrique Iglesias

Do you remember the look of Enrique in the late ’90s? His music was the top trend at that time but his hair was not so thick. The singers make various hairstyles for giving a rocking touch to their personality but Enrique was unable to do that because of his thick hair. But in 2011, he finally took the decision of hair transplant and came up with such a dashing look. His rocking look got a new life and now he sings with more confidence.

Enrique Iglesias
Getty Images

6. Christian Slater

Yes, the news about the hair transplant of Christian Slater is true. His thick hair and baldness made him quite frustrated because when you become a celebrity, your looks matter a lot. Christian’s hair transplant is not of a low quality but he got the surgery done by a well-known doctor and now, he seems more confident in his performance.

Christian Slater
Getty Images

7. Bono

Everyone knows Bono because his fan base is not small. His hot look has made him a heartthrob for many. The baldness had completely changed his look and his elegant personality became a second thing to notice about him.

He got the transplant done by an expert and regained the old look with even better hair. The black silky hair looks adorable on him. People are a fan of his acting and I must say that he is one of the top 20 celebrities who took the right decision of transplanting the hair. Bono is already considered among the top celebrities and that is why his transplant went viral.

Getty Images

8. AL Pacino

Pacino’s looks and acting skills do not need any sort of introduction. He is known for quality work. When Pacino got the bad, he used to be a bit shy or isolated. He has got a different yet extremely hot look after the hair transplant which was done in 2013. You can get unlimited pictures of Pacino from the back year, 2009. The difference between the photos is not vague at all.

AL Pacino
Getty Images

9. Ben Affleck

The photos of Ben’s 2008 and 2014 are different and reveal the hair transplant. The director, producer, and screenwriter has won three Golden Globe awards and two BAFTA awards as well. The hair transplant has given him such a young look that he doesn’t look like 46 years old. The six feet and four inches tall Ben has accepted the rumor about his hair transplant.

Ben Affleck

10. Charlie Sheen

The rich lifestyle and on-screen presence of Charlie have made him famous. Media loves to give exclusive coverage to Charlie’s activities and that is why his hair transplant news also went surprisingly viral. His baldness is no more. The partial baldness has been covered with the transplant.

Charlie Sheen

11. Matthew McConaughey

A man that is famous for his personality can obviously not be imagined without a long hairstyle and short hairstyle. The pattern baldness of Matthew made the American actor a bit away from the screen as he took a break. Well, as soon as he did a hair transplant, the revival of a young and dashing look made the actor one of the top good-looking celebrities.

Matthew McConaughey

12. Robert Pattinson

The most inspiring character of Twilight, Robert Pattinson revealed that he wore a hairpiece in the film. He is the crush of many ladies. He said that he was over obsessive about his hair and got several bleaches and styles which ultimately made the hair thick and resulted in baldness. Well, the news about his hair transplant is true and he has confirmed it.

Robert Pattinson

13. Chuck Norris

American Actor, Chuck is famous for their onscreen appearance but his baldness is also got revealed during his work. He uses a wig to cover the baldness. However, the news about his hair transplant surgery is not confirmed yet.

Chuck Norris

14. Daniel Craig

Daniel is famous for amazing movies like Skyfall and Spectre. At a time, he used to be known as one of the most successful actors. His receding hairline somehow affected his career but the hair transplant of Daniel actually proved great. Hollywood celebrity is quite active in social parties these days.

Daniel Craig

15. Jason Alexander

The famous comedian, actor, and singer don’t need any introduction. The work of Jason is of superior quality as he always acts from the heart. The intensity of his work is always appreciated. The hair transplant news about Jason is quite old however till the age of 54, Jason gave the public appearance in a quite confident way without covering his baldness. So, this is all about famous celebrities and their hair transplant which was done in recent years. We will make sure to keep you updated in the near future as well.

Jason Alexander hair transplant

16. John Travolta

You might have heard about the court appearances of John Travolta however did you ever hear about the transplant of this man who is now 65 years of age? Yes, the baldness of John is completely gone. Everyone knows that recovering the hair loss at the age of 65 is not an easy thing and seems impossible as well. However, John actually had a hair transplant that made his appearance even more surprising in the news.

John Travolta

17. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is the great actor who didn’t win an Oscar despite even delivering his best. His thick hair never affected his work and he always appeared with inspirational acting skills. However, now, it is said that Mel has got his hair transplanted. He is now 63 years old but his dashing look is not less than a hero.

Mel Gibson

18. Sean Penn

Sean Penn’s work was an inspiration for many but as soon as he became older, his appearance on TV became quite less. He is now 58 and got surgery of his hair. The changed look of Sean doesn’t suit very well to him. However, he doesn’t look very old after having a hair transplant.

Sean Penn
Getty Images

19. Jason Gardiner

Jason Gardiner is a famous TV host who admitted that he did hair transplant because his head was not partially bald but the hair loss didn’t even leave a single hair on his head. More on, he shared pre-operated photos as well which really went viral and his fan base really appreciated his decision of hair transplant. The look Jason got after a hair transplant is undoubtedly adorable.

Jason Gardiner
Getty Images

20. Edward Norton

He had a severe issue of hair loss and the baldness was also out of control. Edward went for the best hair transplant that gave him a new personality. He looks quite hot after the hair transplant and is known as a heartthrob for many girls. But nowadays turkey and Pakistan is the most famous country  for hair transplant, most people get the best hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan

Edward Norton

Jamie Foxx

Jamie fox had baldness which was quite clear. If you compare the pictures of 2013 and 2014, you can clearly notice the hair transplant done by Jamie. Well, it doesn’t look odd to him and he is now more active in the social circle and parties.

Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant

Who doesn’t know Sylvester Stallone? He is not just famous for the actions he does but his scriptwriting and direction skills are also unmatchable. The hairline of Sylvester faded when he was below the age of 30. Well, his acting skills always made him active in the film industry and despite even thin hair, he successfully gave a large number of outstanding movies.

Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant

However, hair loss is something that is not easy to fight with. It requires a lot of time to nourish the hair and still the hair growth process is quite slow. Well, everybody says that Sylvester did need to have a hair transplant because he always looks hot but he did the transplant a few years back. Now, at the age of 72, his personality is still an inspiration for many and we are hopeful to see him on the large screen in the near future. The Sylvester Stallone hair transplant went viral and there are people who want the same style the surgeons also have displayed the pictures of Sylvester on billboards.

Celebrities With Hair Plugs

Do you know what actually a hair plug is? You might have seen people with baldness in the middle of the head or at the back. Haven’t you? People who face such types of baldness or thickening of hair usually go for hair plugs which is the relatively old scope of treatment. The celebrities with hair plugs can be noticed easily with their pictures of a few years back time. The stars usually go for hair plug because they always seem concerned with their public appearance. However, it has been noticed that the celebrities with hair plugs seem more confident than before and their work scope has also been enhanced. So, the most awaited list of celebrities is mentioned below:

Jude Law!

There is a clear difference in the pictures of Jude Law taken in 2013 and then in the very next year, 2014. Jude Law was having baldness in the middle of his head that used to give him an over-age look. He went for a hair plug and got a quite young look. It is usually said that hair plugs suit to very few people however in the recent pictures of Jude Law, you can see how handsome is personality became. In short, a hair plug is really a suitable option if it is done by an expert person.

Jude Law

James Nesbitt

Who doesn’t love James Nesbitt? Some people find James Nesbitt Hair Transplant but he does not know all about of them. His appearance in any scene adds life to the whole script. Back in 2005, he got his hair loss from the front side of his head which was making his appearance a bit old. Well, he admitted that he went for the hair plugs in 2013 and it is revealed through his pictures as well. Now, James Nesbitt looks even more handsome and his elegant look is the love of many. It is also revealed that most of the other celebrities who face the same issue also decided to go for the hair plug.

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant

Jon Cryer Hair!

It was July 2013 when the partial baldness of Jon Cryer became very prominent and he used to look old and the baldness totally changed his personality as well. However, right in the next month, August 2013, he did hair plugs. The look not only got changed but Jon is now more into his work and got the place on the front pages of famous magazines as well.

Jon Cryer Hair

Wayne Rooney!

Do you know that the popularity of hair plugs is not limited to actors only but the sportspersons also go for it? Everyone knows Wayne Rooney who is a famous footballer. He was also having baldness. Being a victim of thick hair, he got hair plugs which changed the complete look of Wayne in a quite positive way. It seems like Wayne actually got his natural hair back.

Declan Donnelly!

The news of the Declan hair transplant is true. He admitted that his hair was not thick and he was such of baldness. Well, the moment he admitted about his hair plugs, people started loving him even more. His look is changed from 2009 however he got the hair plugs in 2013.

Jeremy Piven Hair

The famous role of comedy shows Ellen and Seinfeld, Jeremy had a hair transplant for covering his balding head. The forehead of Jeremy used to look quite wide but the hair transplant proved good for him. Initially, the news was vague but the hair transplant scars revealed the whole story. Although the hair transplant gave a very young look to Jeremy however he got the scars on the head which seem quite clear and tell the story of the actor’s hair transplant as well. Jeremy Piven Hair was the phrase that got the most searched title in the past years because the fan base of the talented actor was curious regarding his hair story.

Do you know why hair transplant scars appear? There can be several reasons for the scars however the Telltale scar was noticed by photographers who spend most of their time with actors. The media persons and photographers usually pick even the minor change that might not be noticed by the general public.

Photographers made a graph with arrows that revealed the shape of Jeremy’s forehead. The forehead was extra clear and wide before the hair transplant but it got a bit changed to look after a few times. Although Jeremy denies his hair plugs or transplants however people still debate over it. Well, I must say that the transplant is done in a quite perfect way that it still seems natural and has covered the forehead similar to natural hair.

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