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8 Facts You Didn’t Know About New Jersey State Fair

Do you know all the facts of the New Jersey State Fair? The New Jersey State Fair attracts a quarter-million visitors from all Northeast and beyond. The Fair, formerly known as the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show, draws buses and cars of party goers from all over New Jersey and beyond!

Here are eight interesting facts about the New Jersey State Fair that will entice you to board that party bus and get on down to the best show in town!

1. Outdoor Entertainment Area

The Franklin Sussex Automall Outdoor Entertainment Arena throughout the Fair hosts’ several activities; some events, accessible online and at the Fairgrounds, may require tickets, while others are free.

2. Richards Exhibit Building

In 1976, the Richards Building was the first structure constructed on the Fairgrounds. Several exhibits are housed in the Richards Building.

You are spoilt for choice! The Art in Sussex County highlights indigenous artists in several genres. If you miss Sussex County artists, find black and white showcased photography having a unique student division. The lovers of creative arts have not been left behind!

Find the divisions for canning, baking, and handicrafts at the New Jersey State Fair. Competitions for smoked/dried meats, chili, cookies, cheesecake, and other foods are held throughout the week. All contests are open to residents of New Jersey. The Quilt of the People’s Choice Award is presented, and fairgoers can put messages on quilt squares for the Quilts of Valor.

Other New Jersey State Fair exhibits are the Beekeepers exhibit and honey show, National Grange, Fair history, Tech zone, and Sussex County construction exhibits.

3. Rare Heritage Breeds Educational Center

Are you a lover of rare breeds? You can visit the Rare Heritage Breeds Educational Tent to view farm animals that have made a comeback after being on the verge of extinction.

4. Snook Agricultural Museum

If you want to retain the “farm” in the Farm and Horse Show, the Snook Agricultural Museum is a must-see. The antiquities, memorabilia, and country folk who make you feel at home will entertain and educate adults and children. The Snook Agricultural Museum is terrific old-fashioned family entertainment.

5. The 4-H Building

Throughout the Fair, the Shotwell 4-H Building is open to the public. It features exhibits from nearly 60 Sussex County 4-H clubs. Art, photography, horticulture, shooting sports, crafts, and sewing projects are among them.

6. Horse Show

Horses have long played an essential role at the Fair. The Branchville Riding Club was founded in 1919 when horses were still more popular than vehicles. Since then, this festival has grown into the Sussex County Fair’s 10-day extravaganza!

7. Food Vendors

Fairgoers put a priority on “Fair Food.” The Concession Committee of the Fair aims at providing a diverse range of food vendors to the event. Fairgoers can ask about the location of a specific vendor at the Information Booths.

8. Milking Parlor

If you have a deep interest in dairy farming, Milk Parlor is the place to be! Dairy cows from nearby farms are kept in the Milking Parlor. You can sit on the bleachers and listen to a description of how milk gets from the udder to the milk container.

Final Thoughts

The eight facts about the New Jersey State Fair should compel you to make that visit! If you want to have lots of fun and ease of access, use bus rental services to reduce the hassle that comes with driving your car to such an event. In need of hiring party buses, See them here.

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