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Work Trip Keep Fit! The Best Workout Classes in London

When you are on your trip, it is difficult to find time for everything. You have to ensure that you visit various places, meet new people and eat a lot of yummy food. There are many benefits of staying fit even when on vacation or on a work trip.

If you plan to travel to London soon and wish to keep fit, you are lucky as there are many workout classes in London that will help you stay in shape. Also, some of the best aparthotels in London here offer gym services and can also guide you on where to find the best workout classes. Keep reading this article to discover the best fitness classes in London you can attend during your stay.

Top 5 Best Fitness Classes in London

John Reed Fitness London

John Reed fitness class is located in Liverpool street station and is big enough to accommodate many people. It covers about 20,000 square feet and comes with a large cardio room, weights area, and personal training space. The fitness class provides everything you want to get when you go to a gym. It also has a yoga studio, boxing ring and is equipped with a Finnish sauna to help you unwind from a strenuous workout session.

Barry’s Bootcamp

If you want to burn excess calories, Barry’s Bootcamp is the best place to go while in London. The gym mainly focuses on high-intensity interval training, allowing members to burn as many calories as they want. Those who attend the gym are trained to alternate between resistance training and the treadmill. Each class lasts 60 minutes, though other classes take 50 minutes, but stretches are included. After the session, attendees are provided with a free protein shake since the class involves intense workouts. Barry’s Bootcamp is perfect for those who want to work out in the mid-day.

Core Collective

This is yet another workout class in London, located in Kensington, Knightsbridge, and St John’s Wood, that will help improve your balance and coordination. The Core Collective fitness class mainly focuses on four categories of exercises. They include;

  • Sweat: Spinning, circuits, and rowing
  • Strength: TRX, lifts, circuits, rowing
  • Recover: Yoga and stretching
  • Sculpt: Bands, Pilates, TRX, and Yoga.

Each session at the Core Collective fitness centre is 18 Euros.


If you want to improve your strength, look no further than the ROWBOTS fitness center. It is located in Fitzrovia and Liverpool Street, and each class only takes 50 minutes, but it is all about full-intensity interval training. The training is meant to awaken your resilience and inner strength. The best part is that the gym is equipped with effective machines that will allow you to feel the impact of the 50 minutes of exercise.

Unit Fitness Studio

The Unit Fitness Studio focuses on conditioning and strength. Its main aim is to allow everyone attending their classes to improve their physical, mental state, and overall body health.


Whether you want to improve your strength, burn calories or recover from an injury, you will find the right gym to go to while in London. London is filled with plenty of fitness centres, and it is up to you to select your preferred one depending on your fitness goals.

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