How to Make Your Lips Bigger Naturally Permanently?

How to Make Your Lips Bigger Naturally Permanently?

Bigger and plummed lips look beautiful as it is trending now. Girls with thin lips often search for ways to make their lips bigger. How to make your lips bigger naturally permanently, is not a big deal. It can be easily done. Lips can be plumped using several natural ways like using different oils, lips exercise or using lip plumping tools.

Getting fuller and bigger lips is the goal of every girl. In this case, lip surgery is an instant way. Not everyone can afford lip surgery. Most women are worried to get surgery as they fear their lips will get worse or they might end up with some issues. If you love bigger lips and are worried about surgical methods then you must read this article. This article is all about, how to make your lips bigger naturally permanently.

How to make your lips bigger naturally permanently remedies and treatments:

Worried about surgical methods but looking how to make your lips bigger naturally permanently? Then you need to know some natural remedies and treatments to make your lips bigger naturally permanently that you can easily try at home.

Most of the women who have fuller and bigger lips feel confident with their looks. If you want to be among those women and wanted to make your lip bigger then you can follow these natural remedies and treatments. Most of the girls do plastic surgery for bigger lips, but we will tell you naturally.

  1. Use a lip plumper:

Using lip plumper to make your lips naturally bigger is the easy and fastest way. Lip plumpers are essentially lip-glosses that contains irritant in it which make your lips swell by increasing the blood flow in them.

It is effective too. Get good lip plumper for your lips and use it on your clean lips. You can feel the difference from the very first day of its usage. It is completely safe and you can make your lips bigger in no time by its regular use.

  1. Apply the natural oil mixture

You can also benefit from natural oil mixtures. Applying the mixtures of essential oils can make your lips bigger instantly. Just take a small amount of cinnamon oil and coconut oil. Just mix the two oil. Add coconut oil to a bowl and cinnamon as per your requirement. Make sure that cinnamon oil should be double the quantity of coconut oil. You can also add a few drops of vitamin oil.

Now comes the time to apply it to your lips. Take a smooth brush to apply it to your lips. Apply at least 3 layers of this mixture on your lips and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes you can apply lipstick and see the difference. Your lips will look bigger and fuller than before.

  1. Exfoliate your lips to make them look bigger

How to make your lips bigger naturally permanently using exfoliate techniques, You can exfoliate your lips with a mixture of sugar and honey to make them look bigger. Exfoliation helps to remove all the dead skin cells from the lips and your lips start growing.

For permanent results exfoliate your lips daily. You can also get an exfoliator from the market.

  1. Ice cubes

Rub an ice cube on your lips to get natural plumped lips. It removes all the dead skin cells and also increases blood circulation making them look fuller and bigger. Use this method for at least two weeks to see the desired result.

  1. Red pepper oil

While searching for ways on how to make your lips bigger naturally permanently, red pepper oil should be on the top. Red pepper oil is one of the fastest, and most effective methods to get bigger lips naturally. Just get red pepper oil and apply it to your lips.

  1. Cayenne pepper

This is an old beauty recipe to make your lips look bigger. Just take a small amount of cayenne pepper and mix it with water to make a thin paste. Apply the paste on your lips and leave it for about 10 minutes before rinsing.

Make sure not to use this method for long term as it causes irritation and itching on your lips as well as skin if mistakenly get applied there.

  1. Brushing and flaking

Take a dry toothbrush and apply some honey o Vaseline on to it. Now brush your lips with it to flake all the dead cells. This works wonders, you will witness soft and glowing lips in a bigger look. Brushing helps to remove the dead skin and also increases the blood flow in the lips making them fresh and plump.

  1. Anise oil and beeswax lip balm

Anise oil can be used to get bigger lips. All you have to do is to take a tablespoon of beeswax along with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Now melt them in a pan and add some drops of anise oil to it. You can also add few drops of almond oil in it.

After mixing all the content, transfer them to a small jar and let it cool. Apply this as a lip balm regularly and see the difference in your lips.

These are all the home remedies on how to get your lips bigger naturally permanently. Now let move to the next section.

How to make your lips bigger naturally permanently through exercises:

Women often spend a large amount of money on cosmetics and surgeries to give their faces a natural and beautiful look. Now we are going to talk about the cheapest method. Just follow the following exercises;

  • Kissing:

In the list of how to make your lips bigger naturally permanently, kissing is the most effective and natural exercise. Here it doesn’t mean you have to kiss someone. Just give a kissing look to your lips to exercise them or you can kiss on your hands.

  • Whistling:

Whistling makes your lips muscles to get engage and make your lips bigger and fuller. Try different whistling scales to exercise your lips repeatedly and daily. Make sure you are feeling some soreness and when you are whistling. This will benefit you.

  • Pucker up:

This means you have to pucker up your lips just like in a kissing position. You have to use all your energy in this exercise and do ten reps with an interval of 10 to 15 seconds. This exercise must be repeated daily to see the desired result.

  • Smiles and frowns:

Another exercise for how to make your lips look bigger naturally permanently. Just press both your lips together and make a big smiling face. You can also pull on your lips corners with fingers to avoid smile lines. Try this exercise for 10 seconds minimum and do 10 reps, three times a day.

  • Lips calisthenics:

Hold tight both your lips and move together from left to right and from right to left. Repeat this exercise four to five times daily. Another way is to move your tightly closed lips together in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.


How to make your lips bigger naturally permanently? This is the question of every girl as it is the era of bigger and fuller lips. If you are among those who are looking for the desired result and on a permanent basis then follow the above-mentioned steps. This will surely help you.

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