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Top Pakistani Actress without Makeup

Have you ever seen any model and actress without makeup??? If you see any Pakistani actress or model without makeup, you will be shocked to see them. It will be a great surprise to see them without makeup. Those people who watch actress beauty in dramas daily, they want to see their actual beauty and wish to look like them. All these people have not seen them without makeup and how all these actress and model look without makeup. Am sure all they are much beautiful without makeup.Here we will show you pictures of Pakistani actress or models without makeup.

1. Humaima Malik

Humaima Malik is a Pakistani actress as well model. She has too much natural beauty. Enough she can stop the heart beats without makeup. Humaima is one of the models who looks stunningly beautiful.

humaima malik without makeup

2. Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is a Pakistani supermodel and actress.  She rock when she comes front to the cameras. She is actually an angel. She has very innocent and pretty face which need no makeup.

3. Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is that model who looking perfect without makeup. Saba Qamar caught our eyes with her natural face and a fresh look. She is looking fresh and spunky without makeup. That’s why people like see her silver screen.

4. Ayesha Omar

Who one see Ayesha Omar without make, will be surprised to see her real face. She has a flawless complexion.  She is looking gorgeous without makeup.

5. Amna Ilyas

Who does not know Amna Ilyas??? One of the best model of Pakistan who still looks so gorgeous with dusky color. She has a smooth and fresh face.

6. Mehvish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat has so much beautiful smile, which is enough to make her more beautiful. As we can see her, she is very beautiful without makeup and with makeup

7. Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall looks very attractive without makeup.  She has the fair and dark combination skin tone, and still look very beautiful.

8.Aamina Sheikh

Aamina Sheikh has a dusky combination with a gorgeous look. Without makeup, she has a natural and fresh face. No doubt, she has natural beauty without any makeup. The dusky model looks graceful in her minimal makeup look.

9. Aleezay Tahir

Aleezay is one of the beautiful model and actress of Pakistan. She has a very lovely smile which needs no makeup.  She has innocent face are enough to take our breath away at any time. her without makeup face is looking fresh and spunky as ever.

10. Nida Yasir

On the next, we have the name of Nida Yasir. She need not a lot of makeup. She is beloved of everyone due to her fair skin and innocent face. She has God gifted beauty which needs no makeup.

11. Hareem Farooq

Harem Farooq is a Pakistani model, actress as well a co-producer. She needs no makeup to enhance her beauty. She looked very attractive and gorgeous.

  12. Ayeza Khan

Have you see Ayeza khan without make?? She is too damn beautiful and pretty without makeup. It is not wrong to say that is all over a princess. She looks stunningly beautiful.

13. Arij Fatyma

Arij Fatyma is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful actresses of Pakistan. She looks fabulous without makeup. Everyone fan of her due to her unlimited beauty.

14. Ainy Jaffri

Ainy Jaffri is another model or actress of Pakistan. She has very beautiful eyes with fair skin. Any doubt we can say that she has natural. Nobody has this beauty in this showbiz.

15. Sana

Sana is a popular actress and model of Pakistan showbiz. everyone admits that Sana is the most smooth and clean wrinkle-free skin and looks incredibly beautiful without makeup

16. Sanam Baloch

Have you ever see Sanam Baloch without makeup??  She is clearly appearing on the face when she is without makeup. She looked too much good in every look. Every style which Sanam adopt made her more innocent.

17. Marwa Hocane

Marwa hocane has fabulous look without a make. We can see her in makeup or without makeup, she just rocks. Her beauty is God gifted for her. She is a supermodel and actress.

18. Maria wasti

Maria Wasti is a Pakistani actress or host. She has natural beauty and Dusky combination. She is count in the adorable models.  She looks nice in every look she carries with her and without makeup.

19. Erum Akhter

Erum Akhter looks beautiful and gorgeous with makeup and without makeup too. She is one of the actresses who does not require any makeup to enhance her beauty.

20. Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hocane is the sister of Marwa Hocane. She is too beautiful like her sister. She is one of the cutest model and actress. She has fair skin tone. She looked gorgeous even without makeup.

21. Resham

Resham is the most popular actress on the silver screen. Resham looks striking and wonderful all the time. She does not need any makeup touch on her face.

22. Naheed Shabir

Naheed Shabir is a Pakistani actress who still looks so fresh and clean wrinkle-free skin at this age. Nobody mostly people like her without makeup because she has many beauty complications.

23. Shaista Wahidi

Shaista Wahidi is the most famous host of the morning show. She is the called queen of morning shows. Shaista looking gorgeous without makeup. She has a natural beauty that’s why she looks pretty doll without makeup.

24. Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan has so much beautiful actress and model at this age. She is so gorgeous, simple and innocent face. She is simply fabulous. At this young age, she became the most popular and gorgeous actress.

25. Armeena Rana Khan

Armeena Rana Khan is a Canadian actress. She is also one of the popular actress and model. She looking very lovely in a bridal dress with the gorgeous look with makeup. But she still kills it without any touch ups or filters

26. Fatima Effendi

Fatima Effendi is a mother and still, she is too gorgeous and innocent like a young girl. She looks very different than other models and actress.

27. Ayesha Khan

Who needs makeup when you have so much beautiful skin?? Ayesha Khan is one of the gorgeous model and actress who has fair complexions

28. Hira Tareen

As others, Hira Tareen is the one of the supermodel and actress of Pakistan. She has a very innocent face and fresh as ever. She rocks even without makeup.

29. Hina Altaf

Hina Altaf is a VJ, model, and actress as well. She is a too much innocent model of the Pakistan showbiz. She has a fresh and clear face like a beautiful doll.

30. Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz is the pretty model and actress. She has spotless skin without any makeup with fair complexion. She is counted in the most innocent model.

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