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Salman Khan House In Mumbai And Dubai

Salman Khan House: Have you ever see the famous actor Salman Khan House? Everyone wants to know about Salman khan house  Salman Khan is one of the popular celebrity of the Bollywood who’s apartment and house are very popular among all his fans.

images of salman khan house

Images of Salman Khan House:

As we can see Salman Khan galaxy apartment which so popular due to all Khan’s family and everyone is too much close to this galaxy apartment for 40 years.

There are a lot of famous celebrities found in Bollywood.  Salman Khan starts his career from the movie “main Ne Pyar Kiya” which was released in the 1989 and his movies still rocking in the Bollywood. He is one of those celebrities have high demand at the box office.

salman khan house images

Salman Khan is one of the superstars of the Bollywood who releases many interesting and exacting movies. Salman Khan is the most handsome actor at the age of 52. He is still looked too smart and a role model for the youth. Salman Khan is a well-known personality in the Indian film industry. He is also a host or reality show Big Boss. Salman Khan has a huge fan following all over the world.

salman khan house images

All his fan follow him in every way. All Salman Khan’s fan wants to know about his life and all other information which is related to him. His fan has so much passion for him. Some people have proper information about Salman Khan.  They must be known about the Salman Khan’s house and any others connected apartment.

salman khan house

Fans finally will I will tell you all about Salman Khan House information which I will provide you here, Are you ready to know about Salman Khan??

Salman Khan Home Pic:

Salman Khan lives with his parents and little sister in galaxy apartment Mumbai. His father name is Salim Khan and his mother name is Salman Khan. Salman Khan also adopts her stepsister Arpita Khan. They live in the galaxy apartment in Mumbai for 40 years.

salman khan home

That’s why this apartment is much attached to him emotionally and has many memories of his childhood. Salman Khan Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan also born in the galaxy house. All Salman Khan’s family lived in the galaxy apartment from his childhood.

There are a lot of fans gather outside his house on every special occasion such as EID, birthday and many others events and waving to fans from the balcony of his house.

Salman Khan New House Photos:

Actually, Salman Khan has no new home. The apartment of Salman Khan located at the bandstand at Bandra, west Mumbai. All his family still live in the galaxy apartment after a huge success. Salman Khan mentioned many time, his family and he did not want move any other place.

salman khan new house photos

Salman Khan told us in an interview, he does not want to live a big place. His parents live on the first floor of the galaxy apartment which is contained 1 Bedroom, kitchen, and hall on the ground. Galaxy apartment.

Salman Khan House Address:

Salman khan house Address is Galaxy Apartments, BJ Road Band Stand, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400050, India. The galaxy apartment of Salman khans is an “L” Shaped with the dining room and washroom. The galaxy apartment has eight stories.

salman khan house address

The whole building of Salman Khan House is full of luxuries and it like a big family together. Here are some images of Salman Khan that will be a bit shocked for after seeing the images of Salman khan house.  The Salman Khan house price is near to 30 crores allover.

This galaxy apartment looks very simple which is so close to the family of Salman Khan. On the other hand, Salman Khan and his family invest in many residential house, apartments, and flats. In Mumbai, Salman Khan invests in sterling sea face at the world and a flat at carter road. The flat of Sagar Resham selected in the speculation in bandstand Bandra.

Salman Khan also has bought a flat in a luxurious triple flat building which is called The Address. This building is situated in the bandstand Bandra, which is full of luxury. The luxurious triple flat starts from the 11th floor of the building, this is one of the high paid building. Salman Khan has so many apartments and home not nationally, in fact, he has internationally had a house.

In Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Salman Khan has his apartment in the Burj Pacific tower. These Salman khan house images will show you all the luxury of galaxy apartment.

Farmhouse of Salman Khan:

On the other hand, Salman Khan has a 150-acre farmhouse in Panvel. All Salman Khan’s family live in this farmhouse in the free time. They enjoyed there, spend most times of holidays and weekends in this Salman khan house.  This farmhouse is also famous for the celebration of Eid, birthday and many more other parties.

farmhouse of salman khan

This way all her family gets some privacy, even Salman’s 51 birthday celebrate in this farmhouse. This farmhouse is full of all facilities, this Salman Khan house is very free of noise. There are a lot of nature views near the farmhouse. Al This farmhouse has 3 bungalows, swimming pool, and a gym.

There is a special area for the domestic animals in the farmhouse. That’s why all Salman’s family enjoy his free time in this farmhouse. This Through the internet you can see the Salman Khan House pics. Panvel farmhouse has been named for his sister by Salman Khan.

This is the Salman Khan House pics which will provide you inside view of the house. You can see the Salman Khan House interior and designs


We are sharing the information about Salman Khan House with pictures and address. There are a lot of other websites are available on the internet which will provide information, but this article will increase your information in every way about Salman khan house. All of this information according to your all modifications.

After seeing all these pics of Salman Khan House and apartment you’re, am sure you will feel amazing. This is a big fact all fans will always love him and follow him. His age and oldness does not have matter among all the hits movies and singing. He deserves your attraction respect and honor.

He gives a lot of kindness and love from his NGO “being human. Now he is going to launch his own phones brands by the name of “being smart”. God always blessed like past and present. He will be always a superstar and superhero for everyone, even for me.

Salman Khan will always rock the Bollywood and all over the world….. … Keep loving and give always the big response to his movies singing and hosing ….!!!

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