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How to Treat COVID-19 at Home with Mild Symptoms?

Not all who are falling sick with COVID-19 will show severe symptoms. The ones with mild symptoms can deal with it at home. But it is important to know the correct care tips for fast and smooth recovery at home. 

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Just because you have mild symptoms, you should not move around here and there as you are not aware of virus load and how infectious it can be for others. Your mild symptoms can prove to be dangerous and highly contagious, resulting in severe problems in others. Soon after the symptoms show, you should take proper care and follow the necessary steps for prevention and care.

How to Start Your At-Home Care?

With mild symptoms, isolate yourself and go for Genetika RT PCR tests at the earliest. The symptoms may last for a few days, and try to go within the first two to three days as you start to show the symptoms. The main idea of home treatment is to get rid of symptoms at the earliest and prevent it from becoming severe when relying on home treatment.

Important Medication to Focus in Home Treatment

  • Get Plenty of Rest

While fighting the COVID-19 virus, you should take plenty of rest as your body is already busy fighting the virus. The rest will give you the energy to maintain the fight and help fast recovery. Do not overburden or stress with work even when you are only showing mild symptoms.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

It is important that one should maintain the correct level of body hydration and drink plenty of water. It can alleviate other unnecessary symptoms to crop up during this virus attack. Try to prevent dehydration which is not good for your health. If symptoms include dry cough, taking a teaspoon of honey in hot water can help to treat throat problems.

In any way, you should consult your physician who can guide you over the phone or are available for online consultation. It is mainly to ensure that you start the medicines and do not wait for long for results. Well, hydration of the body would help maintain a good immune system, which is necessary to fight off the virus quickly from your body.    

  • Use Necessary Medications as Per Requirement

Common medications are fever reducer when having a mild one a pain reliever for sore throat and body aches. For any kind of discomfort, consult a physician and start the medications at the earliest for better results. It will help maintain body immunity and prevent the severe problem of chest congestion. This is of utmost importance for elder persons and has high c0-morbidity.

With prior health issues, make sure to take the suggestion from the physician and take the right dosage to have effective results quickly. However, with these steps, it is important for the antigen och PCR-test to be sure about the virus infection and the presence of antibody and its level.

Is it Necessary to Go for RTPCR with Mild Symptoms?

Yes, it is necessary to take the RTPCR test soon after you show symptoms. It would help you soon to isolate, and there are people who are acousmatic, and you have been around them without knowing. The self-isolation of up to 10 days, depending on the result, and proper medication can help one fight the virus and prevent it from becoming severe.

The asymptomatic and mild cases tend to recover quickly with medication and home care. But a little delay in taking medicines or confirming with tests can result in unnecessary severity. Proper guidance and prompt monitoring can help one fight the mild symptoms easily and not spread the infection to others at home.

Considering the present pandemic scenario in the third wave, antigen och PCR-test can help one detect virus presence. The RTPCR test can detect virus presence up to 20 days of getting infected. But without taking any chance, mild symptoms are enough for a person to go for testing and isolate them for one good and others as well.

No matter what’s the severity of the virus attack, it takes time for the body to grow immunity and fight off the virus. This is mainly important for the ones with other chronic illnesses and the elderly ones.

How Can PCR Test be Effective?  

The main idea of the PCR test is to analyses specimens from the respiratory system, and it looks for the presence of genetic material of SARS-CoV-2. The PCR test technology helps amplify RNA from the specimen to deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA that replicates if the virus is detected in the body.

The PCR test is mandatory, no matter what the extent of symptoms and helps get reliable and accurate results. It is suitable for further diagnosis depending on the severity of the virus attack and how quickly one recovers. Not everyone with mild or severe problems would show the symptoms, and therefore, one should be careful about it.

Some Natural Remedies to Help in Mild Symptoms

  1. Difficulty in Breathing

One can lie face down to get relief in little of breathing problem than sleeping flat on the back. It is better to consult a physician for better and quick guidance.

  • Short of Breath

Shortness of breathing can make elderly people anxious, and it is better to consult a doctor to know the breathing technique. It can relieve the stress due to the breathing problem

  • Dehydration

Drink enough fluid to maintain proper hydration levels and maintain a proper diet. Try to have 64 to 70 ounces of water daily as one will sweat a lot from fever. This goes both for patients with mild and severe symptoms.

  • Coughing Problem

Try having hot water or tea with a small amount of lemon to get relief, or go for a physician’s advice

  • Eating Issue

It is better to have a light diet and take easy-to-digest food even when seeing mild symptoms. Therefore, good nutrition can contribute to the quick recovery of a patient.

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