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Best Mehndi Design 2018-2019

Mehndi Design 2018: Young ladies of all age like Best Mehndi Designs for feet and hands. Mehndi is the part of our traditions. That’s why most girls like mehndi designs and apply on their feet and hands on every occasion. Mostly girls of Pakistan, India, and Arabic like to apply henna mehndi designs on weddings, Nikkah, and many other parties. Especially at weddings, they celebrate a separate day for mehndi at night.

Best And Simple Mehndi Design

All young girls apply to make mehndi designs on their hands and feet all night. They feel uncompleted without this mehndi designs and henna designs. Mostly mothers apply mehndi designs on their little daughter. Mehndi comes in varieties of color options like black, red, stones, glitter, structures and shades and many more others. Every young girl wants to look with mehndi. That’s why mehndi is compulsory for every girl. Mehndi design is also part of fashion. Nowadays in our societies, there are many accusations who teach girls how they can apply henna designs on their hands and feet.

Before applying the mehndi designs, the mehndi designers draw an outline to prominent designs with an expert. Most of the brides, write the name of their groom on their palms. This significant, show love. Some ladies use the colorful mehndi according to their dresses and sparkle glitter or stones. Through the internet, we can search so many Henna designs and new mehndi designs for everyone. We can buy so many books of mehndi designs form the markets. There are so many countries in this world and every country have their own mehndi designs like Saudi Arab, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Mehndi design is also used in our Islamic festivals like EID UL AZHA and EID UL FITTER. The girls apply mehndi on their hands and feet at CHAND RAAT. For the mehndi designs, the young girls prepare so many plans at the specials night which is called CHAND RAT. Without mehndi designs, the girls feel EID incomplete. These girls go to relatives and friends homes.

Especially some families like to go polar for applying mehndi designs. On CHAND RAT the girls arrange the stalls for the purpose to apply the Henna designs and make it the source of their income. In these days Arabic mehndi designs are very popular in European countries as like in Pakistan. Every year mehndi designs are changed according to fashion. There so many designers in our showbiz of mehndi designs whose apply mehndi designs 2018 with a different pattern. There is some list of mehndi designs. have a look….!!

Here Are Top Mehndi Designs 2018

Classy Mehndi Designs

This design is perfect for brides. This mehndi designs it perfect for the brides who want to look more gorgeous. In this mehndi designs, tiny beads can be used to get a bling effect.

Dotted Mehndi Design

Dotted mehndi designs are famous all over the Asian countries. This design has a lot of work on the finger with dots. The whole design filled with dots which make it more excellent

Bridal Arabic Mehndi designs

It is a special day for every girl, that’s why she wants to look more attractive and beautiful. Those brides who do not like heavy mehndi designs they can select this one mehndi designs.

Simple & Elegant Mehndi Designs

This stunning henna design is made for those girls who want to be simple and be an elegant personality. These mehndi designs keep them simpler without mass up. They want mehndi on their hands but also want it to be simple and stylish

Mehndi Designs With A Heart

The specialty in this mehndi designs is its heart shape. This mehndi design will make your hand stand out. It is so beautiful with a heart shape in the middle of the hand. This mehndi design has fingers empty. That will give a classy look to you mehndi designs.

Glittery Affair Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs give a different look for everyone. This mehndi design is perfect for brides. It is a design which is applied to the fingers. This mehndi design shows your design perfectly.

Rosy Mehndi Designs

Mostly girls like mehndi designs with rosy designs. This mehndi design is made for those who are rose lovers.

Colored Mehndi Designs

There are many girls who liked colorful. They can get more beautiful and colorful with this mehndi designs. It is perfect for your wedding and wedding for someone else who is your close.

Feet Mehndi Designs

Feet have their own beauty. That’s why it mehndi should be different. This mehndi design will start from the thumb and goes till to the back to the feet. It will look prettier on your feet.

Back Of The Hand

Back mehndi designs have their own grace and beauty. This mehndi design which has a lot of work on the fingers, which will make your hand look amazing.

Simple Mehndi Designs

This mehndi design is too good for teenagers and students. The simplicity of this henna design comes which will look glamorous on any kind of event.

Dark Mehndi Designs

There are some emergency and dark mehndi. It has their own designs. It too good for them who are going to a wedding.

Heavy mehndi designs

Heavy mehndi designs are choices of some girls and women. This designs will make them too gorgeous. Their look will be more attractive.

Boxed mehndi designs

This mehndi design contains on the short boxes which are connecting to each other. This design also gives the simple look to the girls.

Flowerily mehndi designs

All these designs are the made for those who like roses in every way. This design contains the short flowers which are connected to each other. It can be started from the wrist and end on the fingers.

Mehndi designs of leafs

These designs have a lot of leaves, that will make more your design different and unique. Though this design you can achieve simple and gorgeous mehndi design

Peacock Design Mehndi

Some girls like to draw peacock on their palm through mehndi design. This mehndi design will help them a lot.

Eid special mehndi designs

There are some Eid special designs that you can apply on their hand on your Eid as well as any special event which makes your day like Eid.

Bangle mehndi designs

This mehndi designs can be applied like bangles. Have a look at the pictures, I’m sure you will be like all this design

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Most of the Pakistani girls and women like traditional mehndi. Which took them to that traditional days and time.

Mehndi Design with glitters

We can show off our mehndi with their glitters. This will make them different and give a more attractive look.

Arabic mehndi designs

Arabic mehndi designs are very famous in Asian countries. They love to apply Arabic mehndi designs. All these some are of them:

Special Dulhan mehndi designs

This too much heavy design are special for a bride, it will make her more beautiful and more attractive.

Mehndi designs for kids

This is some beautiful and gorgeous for kids. They can apply this on every occasion.

Ringed mehndi designs

Those girls who love minimal designs than this design is perfect for them. It starts with the wrist and connecting to the just one finger.

Beats mehndi designs

You can turn your mehndi design in a gorgeous look by beats. Beats can be adjusted on the mehndi designs like this:

Most fancy mehndi designs

This design is best for those who are going to their specials and close relatives.  It is too fancy and heavy designs.

Black mehndi designs

Nowadays black mehndi available on the market. For this mehndi, its designs are different from others. It gives the black color to the hand and feet of the brides and other someone special.

Indian Mehndi Designs  

This mehndi design is perfect for brides with a heavy look. This design has many works on the fingers and hand. It is too amazing for brides.

Bold mehndi designs

At the modern age, some girls still like old traditions. That’s why they mostly like bold mehndi designs on every occasion.  Like this:

Square line mehndi designs

This is a latest and simple designs of mehndi. This design contains on the box of the middle palm which connecting to the other flowers.

Perfect for bridals mehndi designs

This is another gorgeous mehndi designs for brides. This design is too heavy as you can see. It starts with the arm and ends on the fingers. It is mostly liked due to its light shades which make it everyone favorite.

Jeweled mehndi designs

Some young girls like jewelry contain with mehndi designs. If any bride looking for different mehndi designs on her wedding. I’m sure it will be a perfect option for you

Different pattern mehndi designs

You can draw any different pattern in any mehndi designs. It’s up to you which pattern you will like more than others.

Signified mehndi designs

Nowadays the bride can write her groom name in the mehndi designs. It became the part of the fashion. Mostly brides adopt this fashion and make their mehndi design significant.

Arabic wedding mehndi designs

There are a lot of Arabic wedding mehndi designs. You can apply this mehndi designs on your wedding.

Floral Mehndi Designs

Floral mehndi designs are like by many girls due to its beauty, which is created on the backhand. In this mehndi design, you will see a lot of flowers but it will not too heavy.

Mehndi designs of nets

Designs of mehndi made of nets and box, give the fabulous look to your hands. You will look defiantly different from others in your special event of this mehndi designs.

Arabic dotted mehndi designs

If you want Arabic mehndi designs but in a simple way, this design is the super way to complete your wish. Arabic dotted mehndi designs are the best option. This design is not too heavy, it is complete with dots and leaves.

Crafted cuffs mehndi designs

This mehndi design will give you an advance look at the heavy design on the wrist. You can get a geometric sleeve to form this mehndi designs.

Multi-shaded mehndi designs

You can adjust your design multi shades and make it look different from other. Like this mehndi design, you can make your own multi-shaded and different design, as you can see in below pictures:

Elegant Mehndi Designs

This is an amazing mehndi design for the inner side of the hands. On this design, you can see unfilled space that will make this mehndi design more fabulous. This mehndi designs made with boxes and leaves.

Inner Mehndi Designs

This mehndi design has been created on the back side of the hand. This mehndi design has many patterns which you can apply according to your choice. A short mehndi design can be created on the fingers

Karva Chauth Mehndi Design

As we want. One of the best mehndi design on our special occasion. This mehndi design is counted in one the best design. That turn your personality in a traditional look.

Paisley Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is one of the most beautiful designs that will enhance your attraction in another way. You much like this design, see the below pictures.

Circular Motif Mehndi Design

I’m going to share with you my experience. In all mehndi designs, Circular Motif Mehndi Design is one of the beautiful design that makes you look more amazing. It is a very simple design that you can apply in the middle of the hand. On finger, you can make a little flower.

Patterns & Lines Mehndi

Mehndi design looked amazing with different pattern and lines that will enhance your attention and bring your look more fabulous.  

Easiest mehndi designs

There are many mehndi designs which are easier to apply to your hands. This mehndi design is one of them. As you can see in the picture.

Simple Mehndi Designs For Feet

Some girls and women like simple mehndi design in every event and festival, due to short time and according to their choice. This mehndi design will attract a lot of people’s attention due to its simplicity and beauty.

Kid’s special mehndi designs

The kids of our society celebrate EID with zeal. That’s why they purchase everything which made them more attractive and gorgeous. During this, all purchasing the young and little girls cannot forget to purchase mehndi. There are some designs for kids. Have a look at all these mehndi designs…..!

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